During this show, your High Vibe Radio host, Judy Garey, discusses and answers the question, “How to Eliminate Anxiety & Panic Attacks While Flying.”


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Here’s the full message from a loyal subscriber that Judy addresses during this show:

Hey Judy!  I watched your video from the airport and unfortunately I suffer from the same anxiety in reference to travel.  I had a very bad experience flying in 2003 and since then I’ve needed to take to fly.  I never use these unless flying but I hate to have this crutch.  I was wondering if you might give some insight or maybe reference something that would help.  I don’t usually ever get panic attacks except during stressful travel. My goal is to fly to Ireland in the next year and I’d prefer non medicated.  :) Thanks in advance!


This is the video from the airport she is referring to in the message:


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Judy Garey

Judy Garey